Full Body

Our Certified Therapist will give you a full body massage using oil and firm strokes.

50 Min. – $145, 80 Min. – $200


Classic techniques are utilized to deliver a therapeutic, soft tissue massage. A firm but gentle pressure is used to ease muscle tension and provide deep relaxation. Feel soreness and fatigue melt away.

50 Min. – $145, 80 Min. – $200

Deep Tissue

For people experiencing chronic pain or just like a deeper massage. Trigger points are manipulated to release tension, restoring muscle integrity and overall body balance.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Traveler’s Back and Neck

For those who don’t have time for a full body massage. This treatment focuses on the upper body where stress and tension tend to accumulate.

25 Min. – $95

Elevation Signature

Aimed to help relax your body and mind while hydrating your skin. Our therapist uses a variety of techniques to deliver a custom massage. During this massage enjoy a skin nurturing lotion and oil combination to relieve even the driest skin.

50 Min. – $165, 80 Min. – $240

Hot Stone

Hot stone therapy uses deep penetrating heat with smooth heated stones. The heat of the stones and their healing energy sinks into the body affecting the deeper muscles.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Ultimate Relaxation

We combine the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage, reflexology and acupressure using a stress relief aroma oil which is infused with lavender and sage.

50 Min. – $165, 80 Min. – $240


Using a combination of muscle flushing strokes and light stretching techniques with our popular sports oil, we reduce lactic acids and toxins helping you spend more time enjoying activities on the mountain.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225


Combine a Swedish massage with concentrated deep tissue manipulation. A full range of massage techniques are used to create relaxation, soothe your muscles, and increase circulation.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

High Altitude

For those adjusting from sea level or suffering from high altitude symptoms (shortness of breath, headache, and nausea), this aroma-massage treatment uses therapeutic essential oils that help promote respiration, relax the body, calm the nerves and soothe your headaches.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Skier’s Performance with Biofreeze

During the winter season this exclusive experience is used to help you improve your ski performance. A combination of massage and stretching will decrease muscle soreness and increase flexibility in the muscles used while skiing. This treatment also aids in a rapid recovery so you can get back on the slopes. Whether you are an expert or novice, this is a must treatment for anyone who is planning multiple days on the slopes.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Aromatherapy Massage

A soothing massage using long, flowing strokes to promote circulation, relaxation and wellness with the benefits of unique essential oils.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Choose One:
Mood-Rescue: A complex blend of oils that lift your mood and re-balance your soul, naturally stimulating the clarity we all seek.
Detox: This oil blend stimulates diuretic functions and eliminates harmful body toxins assisting in a healthy body balance.

Hand, Foot and Scalp

It is proven that massaging the hands, feet and scalp induces total relaxation. This spa trio features medium-to-firm pressure massage of the hands, feet, neck and scalp. This treatment can be performed fully clothed; it will reduce tension and improve circulation.

50 Min. – $165

Prenatal Massage

(Advanced Notice Requested)
A massage designed to target those areas most affected by pregnancy. Special techniques and a non-scented massage lotion are used to relieve headaches, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps and sciatic pain.

50 Min. – $155, 80 Min. – $225

Rejuvenating Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Close your eyes, and give your brain a rest. A unique oil blend and stimulating massage helps encourage circulation and balance in the scalp to promote healthy hair and address dryness. Complemented with a stress-melting neck and shoulder massage, we are sure you will leave with an overall sense of peace.

25 Min. – $95

Couples Retreat

Our luxurious couple’s massage room is a relaxing place to reconnect. Whether you are here with your significant other or your best friend our side-by-side massage is the perfect retreat. (Prices are Per Couple)

Relaxation 50 Min. – $290, 80 Min. – $400
Deep Tissue 50 Min. – $310, 80 Min. – $450
Hot Stone 50 Min. – $310, 80 Min. – $450

Elevate Your Massage

These treatments must be combined with a massage. No time will be added to the service.

Eucalyptus Warm Foot Treatment

Enjoy the sublime feeling of hot towels and a luxurious foot massage using a combination of natural pumice, eucalyptus, and mint hydrating lotions.  Your feet will be nourished and exfoliated to perfection.


Fresh Citrus Hand Treatment

Pamper your hands with this magnificent treatment.  Our luscious, creamy citrus scrub exfoliates the roughest hands, while our heavenly citrus balm heals your skin.  You will leave with supple, hydrated hands.

Relaxing Scalp Massage

Unwind to the most peaceful state.  Essential oils are massaged into your temples to assist in aromatic tranquility, while specific pressure points and massage strokes are used on the head, neck, and shoulders to release energy.  You will leave with a sense of calm.

Add CBD Therapeutic Benefits to any Massage for $50

Massage & Spa for the Day Starting At


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Enjoy our spa for the day with a 50 minute full body massage for $145. We offer a variety of Massages, Facials and Body Wraps and all include use of the Fitness Center, Indoor Pool, 3 Hot Tubs, Steam Room, Sauna, Robe, Tranquility Areas, and more.